Class of 2023 senior class gift



Reimagining the Upper School Visual Arts Studio

Participation Goal: 100% for senior parents

There are many joyful traditions that mark the exciting milestone of senior year. As parents, we have our own Chapin tradition – the Senior Class Gift. This special initiative recognizes the culmination of our children’s Chapin experience and allows us to leave a lasting legacy for future students. It also replaces our Annual Giving support for the 2022-2023 school year.

Funds raised through this year’s Senior Gift will support the Upper School Visual Arts Studio. The Visual Arts have long been an important facet of Chapin curricula, with various classes available to all Upper School students, not just those who specialize in art.

Interest has grown substantially in recent years, and with the number of students almost doubling per class, the studio is in need of a thoughtful refurbishment to ensure that each of our scholars has enough space to create and store their work. Another necessity is an abundance of natural light, which they currently have less of as a result of the recent building project.

This project will require moving the current art studio from a Middle School floor to another location on an Upper School floor to foster more conductive and organic interdisciplinary collaboration.

Enhanced accommodations for our current and future students are essential for the growth of Chapin’s Visual Arts program and will provide a better foundation for the number of students who apply to and are accepted to visual arts programs at colleges each year.

2023 Senior Gift Committee

Mona Aboelnaga Kanaan, Trustee
Clarence Mitchell, Trustee Burwell Espy Schorr ’88, Trustee Lira Lee Cohen Aischa Mitchell  Lorraine Yamin