The Maria Bowen Chapin Legacy Society

Members of the Maria Bowen Chapin Legacy Society have made planned gifts to the school through bequests, bequest intentions or other life-income gifts. We greatly appreciate these donors’ commitment; their gifts ensure Chapin remains strong in its second century. These special people are recognized in our planned giving newsletter and annual report, receive a special gift upon joining, and are invited to a thank-you tea during Alumnae Reunion each year.

Is Chapin already mentioned in your will? If so, please contact the Advancement Office to let us know, and we will include you in the Maria Bowen Chapin Legacy Society immediately.

We are happy to send you information that can assist you in combining your financial planning with charitable giving. Please contact Christine Shim in the Advancement Office at 212.744.5007 or for further information.

About Bequests

Bequests have a lasting effect on Chapin. For many alumnae and other members of the Chapin family, a bequest is the easiest and best way to give to the school. Through your will or other estate plans, you may name Chapin as the beneficiary of a portion of your estate or of particular assets in your estate. You need not provide the school with funds now, yet you immediately benefit from the knowledge that you have a primary role in securing Chapin's future. Some of our most enduring gifts have been bequests — including the first, from Miss Chapin herself. Please consider creating a legacy for future generations of Chapin alumnae.

Providing for Chapin in Your Will

Providing for Chapin in your will is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Place a call to your lawyer.
  2. Your lawyer will make simple adjustments to your current will or estate plan.
  3. Place a call to the Chapin Advancement Office to let us know.
Welcome! You are now a member of the Maria Bowen Chapin Society!

Current Maria Bowen Chapin Legacy Society Members

Mr.* & Mrs. Stirling S. Adams (Rosamond Hodges ’37)
Deirdre Spencer Adler ’42*
Ms. Alice Allen ’61
Vivian Aufhauser ’58*
Anne Morgan August ’40*
Margaret Henderson Bailie 1913*
Laura Bilkey Barclay ’50*
Mrs. Eleanore Schweppe Baxendale ’67
Mrs. Charles R. Beattie Jr. (Jane Richardson ’50)
Patricia Mertens Beckwith ’64
Ms. Barbara Belknap ’51
Mr. & Mrs. Gary A. Beller
Jessie M. Beller ’96
Mr. & Mrs. Harvey L. Benenson
Gill Wright Bentley ’57
Mildred* & Charles* Berendsen
Winifred Boland*
Anne Jay Borland
Edith Anson Boulware ’40*
Lachlan Porter Braden ’38*
Jacqueline C. Brown*
Mr. Richard B. Brown III
Mrs. Thornton K. Brown* (Anne Brown 1914)
Helen Watson Buckner ’35*
Vera Tkachuk Bullock ’87 & Nigel Bullock
Mr. C.T. Bundy 2d
Nancy Smith Bushnell ’57
Sarah Loomis Campbell ’45*
Catherine Cary ’33*
Maria Bowen Chapin*
Nicky Stout Chapin ’52
Tia Fuhrmann Chapman ’86
Frances Childs 1919*
Ellen Choffin ’54*
Mary Duncan Clement ’61*
Mrs. Bradley Collins (Carol Ohmer ’44)
Ms. Cathryn J. Collins
Anne Finch Cox ’36*
Mrs. William R. Cross, Jr. (Sally Smith ’47)
Anna E. Crouse*
Mrs. Thomas H. Dailey
Sheila Aldrich Diebold ’58*
Christina S. Diggs ’03 & Chelsea Cristafulli
Judith Anne Nicely Doman ’46*
Andrea Lans Donohue ’88 & Thomas R. Donohue
Mrs. Percy L. Douglas* (Katherine Douglas ’24)
Mr. John L. Dowling*
Laura Adams Eastman ’44*
Mabel Whiteside Ehlert*
Mr. & Mrs. Jamie Evans (Kimberly Ingraham ’96)
Lucy Farr ’88
Mrs. John W. Fiske Jr.*
Laura Lee Mendelson Flanagan ’91
Katharine Edgar Fleming ’50
Ms. Ella M. Foshay ’65
Dr. Lori Rubin & Mr. Seth Frank
Sara Frey*
Dr. Tanya Ryk Friedman ’90
Dr. Jane Walker Garfield ’47
Helen J. Garside*
Ruth Reed Gillespie ’31*
Polly Rousmaniere Gordon ’28*
Mary Krech Gould ’40*
Anne Tonetti Gugler ’21*
Dr. Susan Ford Hammaker ’55
Elizabeth Van Tine Harrington ’33*
Charlotte Binger Hasen ’41*
Patricia & Fernand* Hayot
Louise L. Henderson*
Barbara W. Herndon ’58*
Ellen Fales Hewitt ’35*
Mary Stebbins Heydt ’34*
Lea Paine Highet ’84
Marne Lloyd-Smith Hornblower ’36*
Edith Sterrett Hornor ’44*
Mary Eggert Hotchkiss ’39*
Dr. Heloise B. Hough ’25*
Josephine Roig Humphrey ’42*
Mr. & Mrs. Ernest E. Hunt IV
Gail J. Hupper ’75
Mrs. Priscilla Havemeyer Huston ’42
Janet Adams Jacobs ’44*
Frances Jennings*
Joan G. Kallman
Melissa Kalt ’84
Cassandra Arnold Keer ’33*
Mrs. Sheryl Wasserman Kershaw ’90
Deborah Dyer Kneeland ’26*
Deborah van Dyck Kneeland ’51*
Mr. & Mrs. David W. Knowlton
Mary Brown Kreger ’50*
Lauren Kreuter ’86
A. Gale Kroeger ’70
Mrs. Kirsten Maslin Kulukundis ’83
Priscilla Chisolm Lee ’24*
Jessica Shapiro Levy ’97
Dr. Lillian Chambers Lindemann ’40*
Tatiana Lowe*
Courtney Pyles Mann ’76
Georgina Green Martin ’38*
Dr. Joanna Massey ’86
Jennifer Jordan McCall ’74
Mrs. Arthur P.G. McGinnes III
(Louise Hartmann ’60)
Patricia Perkins McGrath ’62
Molly Paine McGreevy ’54*
Florence B. McKinlay*
Ann Marrow McKinney ’63
Liz Paine McMullan ’69
Joan Pressprich Metcalf ’48*
Beatrice H. Mitchell ’74
Mrs. David L. Mitchell (Frances S. Binger ’44)
Pamela Harris Moore ’43*
Olivia Schieffelin Nordberg*
Victoria Nott ’56*
Kevin & Laura O'Donohue
Mr. & Mrs. David Oliver
Abby Milton O’Neill ’46*
Mrs. Peter S. Paine, Jr. (Patty Murphy ’55)
Judith Phelps
Alice Doubleday Platt ’30*
Carol Plum ’76*
Dr. R.A. Rees Pritchett*
Ruth S. Proffitt ’47*
Jane* and Thor* Rinden
Cera B. Robbins
Mary Gordon Roberts ’56
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Robinson III
Blanchette Hooker Rockefeller 3rd ’27*
Lillie Rodgers
Margaret Ann Roth ’56
Julia Meade Rudd*
Marilyn Martin Saltus ’55
Marcia Meehan Schaeffer ’60
Ms. Alexandra Schueler ’05
Anne Oliver Schumacher ’55
Rhoda Low Seoane ’23*
Anne Dubonnet Shaio ’49*
Marilyn Milton Simpson ’49*
Steven Skoler & Sandra Horbach
Mrs. Helen Allen Smith ’90
Malcolm Smith*
Eleanor E. Southworth
Mrs. Phoebe Rentschler Stanton ’46
Mr.* and Mrs.* Frank S. Streeter (Nancy Angell ’46)
Mrs. Merrill Stubbs*
Mr.* and Mrs.* Cochran B. Supplee (Angela Place ’41)
Harold S. Swan*
Barbara Auchincloss Thacher ’36*
Diana Townsend-Butterworth ’56
Virginia Tracy ’86
Nancy Tuckerman ’47*
Alison Heydt Tung ’65
Georgina Wells Van Rensselaer ’20*
Cristobel Locke Von Hemert ’43*
Maud Walker*
Wilhelmine Kirby Waller ’32*
Dr. John Wang & Ms. Rosemary Yeoh ’76
Mr. Kenneth W. Wang & Ms. Deborah Y. Yeoh ’78
Harriet L. Warm
Frances Stone Warrick ’39*
Mrs. Robert D. Webster (Elizabeth Brett ’58)
Katherine Mulligan Webster ’57
Mrs. Jeffrey F. Welles (Maud Iselin ’73)
Marie-Noel Saurel Westgate ’60*
Elizabeth Moffat White 1916*
Mary Norman Whiteside*
Ernest* and Mary Lee Hewitt Wiehl ’41*
Mr.* and Mrs.* Paul Windels Jr. (Patricia Ripley ’46)
Mrs. D. Scott Wise (Linden Havemeyer ’70)
Mrs. Helen V. Wrubel*
Mr.* & Mrs.* Harry E. Yerkes III (Nancy Spofford ’48)
Anonymous (3)

Thank you so much to all members who have helped secure the future educational opportunities of Chapin students. We are very grateful for your support and dedication to the School.