Middle School students participate in a range of sports and develop the sportsmanship, team participation skills and fitness levels to become competitive athletes at any level. 

Time commitment for sports in Classes 7 and 8 is three days a week and Classes 5 and 6 meet twice a week. There are no try outs for any Middle School sport. 



MIDDLE School Sports

Fall Team Offerings:

5/6 Soccer

7/8 Soccer

5/6 Volleyball

7/8 Volleyball

5/6 Cross Country

7/8 Cross Country

Swim elective

Winter Team Offerings:

5 Basketball

6 Basketball

7/8 Basketball

5/6 Swim

7/8 Swim

Fitness Elective

Spring Team Offerings:

5/6 Lacrosse

7/8 Lacrosse

5/6 Track and Field

7/8 Track and Field

5/6 Badminton elective

7 Badminton elective

Swim elective