Middle School students participate in a range of sports and develop the sportsmanship, team participation skills and fitness levels to become competitive athletes at any level. 

Time commitment for sports in Classes 7 and 8 is three days a week and Classes 5 and 6 meet twice a week. There are no try outs for any Middle School sport. 

We are excited to continue to offer Middle School programs that promote sports skills, growth and fitness and wellness through short-term offerings that only require a few days of time commitment. These modified offerings, called "Mini Clubs," will consist of a combination of programs such as sport-specific skills training, popular Chapin games, as well as fitness and wellness activities. 



MIDDLE School Sports

Fall Team Offerings:

5/6 Soccer

7/8 Soccer

5/6 Volleyball

7/8 Volleyball

5/6 Cross Country

7/8 Cross Country

Swim elective

Winter Team Offerings:

5 Basketball

6 Basketball

7/8 Basketball

5/6 Swim

7/8 Swim

Spring Team Offerings:

5/6 Lacrosse

7/8 Lacrosse

5/6 Track and Field

7/8 Track and Field

5/6 Badminton elective

7 Badminton elective

Swim elective