New Athletics Facilities!

Chapin's new floors and repurposed spaces, which opened for use in May 2021, include a regulation-size gym, suspended running track, play roof, fitness studio, athletic training center, dance studio and more. Our Athletic Center serves as a multi-purpose space where Chapin can host games, tournaments and various school events.

Physical Education

Upper School

Students in Classes 8 and 9 will be trained in all aspects of physical fitness using our new Fitness Studio and indoor track, and will be taught the myriad benefits of physical activity and fitness. They will also be introduced to a variety of sport, fitness, and wellness activities, and engage in Green vs. Gold competitions to build team-spirit, teach teamwork and provide leadership opportunities. 
Students in Classes 10-12 may fulfill all of their P.E. credits during a term by playing on Chapin sports teams or participating in a sport or dance activity outside of school that is the equivalent, in terms of time commitment and skill level, to being on a Chapin varsity sports team. 

Middle School

In Middle School, students are exposed to numerous sports and activities and taught more complex and specialized skills to reach a more advanced level of play. These skills include moving into open space to create pathways, and understanding how time, force and flow affect how the body moves. Units currently include: soccer, volleyball, basketball, field hockey, lacrosse, badminton, track, swimming, fencing, handball, floor hockey, pickleball, and ultimate Frisbee. Teachers may also have their students use the fitness studio to build upon the MS wellness curriculum.

Throughout Middle School, the emphasis in PE is on instilling a passion for play, and building confidence and competence to pursue physical activities and athletic team opportunities.

Lower School

The Lower School physical education program is developed around the belief that students' physical, intellectual, and emotional lives are interconnected. The curriculum is specifically designed to foster the enjoyment of movement, develop physical and cognitive abilities, understand the importance of health and wellness, guide social and emotional growth, and cultivate character through decision-making and teamwork activities.

In Kindergarten and Class 1, locomotor, gross-motor, and manipulative skills are emphasized on a regular basis. Students begin to explore sportsmanship through cooperative play. In Classes 2 and 3, these critical foundational skills are a key component for more specialized learning and greater individual skill acquisition. Inside of our "Sky Gym" (nickname coined by our youngest students) and rooftop play turf, students are given opportunities to demonstrate leadership, risk-taking and success.

By the time students leave Lower School, they have a basic skill foundation (jumping, throwing, striking, catching, kicking, balancing, etc.), an age-appropriate understanding of rules and strategies, a respect for and an appreciation of others, and a healthy spirit toward all aspects of movement and play.

Rooftop Play Turf

Fitness Studio

Suspended Running Track

Athletic Center (Gym)

Athletic Training Center

Dance Studio