Recognizing that the arts help us to appreciate and express both the individuality and shared threads of the human experience, Chapin's K-12 Arts program is centered around cultivating artistic expression and building each student's capacity for innovation and creativity. While exploring their artistic identity and the creative process, students learn about a diverse array of artists and deepen their experience in the visual and performing arts. The program empowers students to use their voice as artists to engage, reflect and shape the world they live in. 


Chapin Visual Art students are introduced to a wide range of artistic methods and materials. Through exploration, students are encouraged to describe, respond to and make meaning of the world around them. We foster students' creativity and encourage them to channel their artistic ability while also strengthening their fundamental skills in technique in order to ultimately provide students with the means necessary to freely explore, invent and take risks.  

Through arts integration, each student’s connections to curricular concepts is deepened and diversified. Students are encouraged to use art class as an opportunity for exploration, discovery, collaboration and self-expression. Making art together is a tool for expressing identity and community at Chapin and beyond.

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Chapin’s Music Department is committed to the mission of fostering joyful musicianship in all our students. We know that every individual is born with inherent musicality, and we strive to foster this fundamental quality and to encourage a lifelong engagement with and love of music. In our program, we address the multiple dimensions of musicianship by educating our students to be confident performers, listeners, composers, stewards of musical and cultural heritage, and creative and critical thinkers. We aim to help our students develop both musical autonomy and collaboration, so that they will have the tools to engage in a lifelong relationship with music. Our program values student experience, and seeks to be responsive to our students’ cultural backgrounds and inner worlds.

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Chapin Drama aims to foster artistic expression and community amongst all students. We value exposure to all aspects of theatrical production, including performance, technical theatre, directing and playwriting. In our program, it is important that students have the opportunity to experiment creatively and grow as artists while developing their own point of view and empathy for others. A key vehicle for this is our productions during the school day and after-school, where students are viewed as artistic collaborators and partners in the creation.

Students are exposed to a wide range of theatre forms, such as devising, classical and contemporary works. We take full advantage of our placement in the heart of NYC and partner with dynamic guest artists and organizations in the professional theatre world. At the heart of our program is the spirit of ensemble, where collaboration, community care and the voices of all strengthen and deepen our collective creativity.

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The Chapin Dance program aims to instill in all of our students the understanding that every body is a dancing body; that dance can be used to understand and express yourself more fully; and that dance is a language that enables us to learn about and understand the world. Through creative explorations, Chapin students across all three divisions learn how to develop their own movement vocabularies as well as those of movement genres across cultural traditions.

Student choreography and exploration is central to our work. We encourage students to apply critical thinking and problem solving to our dance practice, understand how the connections between dance and other art forms can inform the creative process, and exchange feedback as a tool for reflection and growth. Our Dance program values connection and community, and seeks to help students develop skills that not only benefit them in the dance classroom, but in the world beyond. 

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Our Artists in Action:

Morning Movement & Music

Performance ensemble Music From the Sole shares their passion for music and dance with Chapin students.

A Master Drummer Shares His Story

Master percussionist Kozza Babumba zoomed into Middle School classes to talk about his love of drumming and the family who inspired his lifelong passion for music.


Chapin Arts team inspires creativity and positivity through Instagram.

A Musical Morning

Lower School students warm up their vocals for their upcoming winter concert.

Monday in the Park

Students in the Upper School Watercolors FOCUS course drew inspiration from the beautiful Conservatory Garden. 

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