Mildred J Berendsen Endowment Fund

The Mildred Jeanmaire Berendsen Endowment Fund was established in Mrs. Berendsen’s honor at the time of her retirement. At her request, annual income from this Fund was designated to provide faculty support and student scholarships. Socio-economic diversity in the student body was one of Millie’s highest priorities, as was the school’s faculty and its expanding role in support of Chapin’s “whole child” commitment. Millie’s Fund has grown to become a critical source of support. As support of students and faculty is a key initiative in our current campaign, Building Chapin’s Future, all gifts to the Fund made during the campaign will be credited to the campaign as well as to Millie’s endowment. We know this would have pleased her!

One can make a gift earmarked for the Mildred Jeanmaire Berendsen Endowment Fund by submitting the form below, by mailing a check to the Chapin Advancement Office at 100 East End Avenue, New York, NY 10028, or by calling the Advancement Office at 212.744.5007.

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