Happy Returns

Chapin's doors are always open to its alumnae, and not just for special events. Many alumnae return to the School each year to teach or share their life and career experience with current students and fellow alumnae. Explore below the many ways that alumnae stayed involved with Chapin during the 2015-2016 school year.

Alumnae who spoke at News, in Classrooms and Offsite

• Denise Bailey-Castro ’05 and Megan Hellerer ’02 were panelists for "First in Her Field: A Special Class 12 News." Answering “If I reach a moment in which I realize I will be the first, the only, or one of few women or people who identify with any other marginalized group on the path to my academic or professional dreams, what will I need?”

• Lauren Collins ’09: Spoke to Jr. Save about her work with Environmental produce.

• Erika Cooke ’01: Served as tour guide for Chapin’s cultural trip to the Whitney.

• Elliot Davis ’80: Greeted Class 7 visitors to the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

• Chris Diggs ’04: Spoke to GSA.

• Holley Wall Flagg ’58: Spoke to an Upper School art class on her work as an artist.

• Wanda Holland Greene ’85, Monica Keany ’88 and Denise Bailey-Castro ’05 on October 13, 2015 served as panelists for a conversation about scholarships and shaping Chapin’s future.

• Krista Powers Harvey ’02 met with Class 11 on their Washington DC trip. Her current role is the Subcomittee Staff Director for Transportation Security for the House Committee on Homeland Security.

• Charlotte Japp ’09: Spoke to NY Arts Now Class.

• Rachel Rutherford Knapp ’94 (Englund): Spoke to NY Arts Now Class.

• Toni Markson Lee ’66: Alumnae Association 50th Reunion Class Speaker.

• Anina Mahoney ’82 and Beatrice Mitchell ’74: Spoke to Class 12 about the value of the Alumnae Association.

• Rose Mbogo ’14 spoke at College Night September 2015.

• Rebecca Ngu ’15 spoke about her gap year experience at a PoCC meeting.

• Samantha Sherman ’05performed with her group, Tyke Dance, for the NY Arts Now Class.

• Eleanor Southworth spoke to the Kindergarten about Chapin’s history and discussed artifacts from Chapin's archives with Class 5 students.

Ethel Grey Stringfellow Art Case

  • September Jodie Eastman ’58 loaned a Gonkar Gyatso Budha.
  • October Holland B. Cunningham exhibited her Oyster paintings and drawings which also showcased the work Middle School students have done with the Billion Oyster Project.
  • November Book Fair exhibit
  • December and January Student ceramics.
  • February Robinson Holloway ’82 organized an exhibit, Lauren St John, The Lookout photograph of endangered rhinos in Africa in conjunction with International Week and our focus this year on “brave for others, brave for earth.”
  • Class of 1966 50th Reunion Class Exhibit exhibited in the first floor and second floor art cases
  • April - Ilaria Quadrani Dujarric ’87 loaned William Allan Rainbow Body-Eye-Body – Marks Fall Rubicon.
  • May - Ivana Mestrovic ’79 organized an exhibit of Mark di Suvero, Lithograph Untitled, 2015.
  • June Dora Frost ’69 loaned June a collage/painting Spring Snow New York, 2015.

Limelight interviews

Several alumnae have been interviewed for Limelight - some as "alumna profile of the month" and Caroline as part of an article about her becoming head of the Columbia newspaper:

• Julia Bach ’02

• Caroline Chiu ’13

• Melissa Fox ’87

• Judi Ohikuare ’07

Chapin Senior Internship Week

During Senior Internship Week, each Class 12 student was immersed in one of 11 short-term internships in venture capital, commercial real estate, entrepreneurship, coding, and biomedical research, among other professional fields. Of the 11 internship providers, three are alumnae and five are current parents.

• Stephanie Borynack Clark ’92 (Holly Phillips ’89 is supporting a field trip to the Met)

• Kristina Perkin Davison ’85

• Vanessa Fieve Willett ’88

College Alumnae Day

Each year on College Alumnae Day, Chapin alumnae who are currently in college come back to Chapin to share their experiences and advice with Chapin Upper School students. The following alumnae participated during the 2015-2016 academic year.

• Hannah Baumann ’14

• Camilla Daza ’12

• Emma Etherington ’14

• Maya Foster ’15

• Jane Jeffery ’13

• Gale McFarlane ’14

• Gabriella Reynoso ’13

• Hannah Wolfe ’15

Alumnae Authors who Signed Books at the Chapin Book Fair

During the "Brave for Our Earth" Chapin Book Fair on November 17 and 19, 2015 several alumnae authors were invited to sign their books:

• Tonya Bolden ’76

• Nicola Kraus ’92

• Frances Vieta ’60

Click HERE to learn more about Chapin's Alumnae Authors.

Alumnae in Chapin's Professional Community

The following Chapin alumnae currently work at Chapin as members of the Professional Community:

• Anneli Shearer Ballard ’86 - Director of Marketing and Communications

• Carlynn Houghton ’96 - Upper School English teacher

• Sloane Lederer ’83 – Class Notes editor

• Caroline Patterson ’02 - Bitty City Improv teacher, a class offered by Clubhouse Chapin’s after-school program

• Ilana Pergam ’86 - Director of Studies

• Samantha Sherman ’05 - Lower School dance teacher