The First 80 Years at 100 East End Avenue

This three-part illustrated history of The Chapin School, 80 Years at 100 East End Avenue, was created by Eleanor Southworth, former director of archives. Mrs. Southworth originally delivered the presentation on April 10, 2008, to celebrate the school's 80th anniversary at 100 East End Avenue, former headmistress Mildred Berendsen's 80th birthday and the 100th anniversary of Chapin's first Commencement.

Part 1: 1910-1935

This section covers how Chapin came to be located at 100 East End Avenue and the life of the school under Miss Chapin, Miss Fairfax and Miss Stringfellow.

Part 2: 1933-1970

Highlights include Miss Stringfellow's tenure as headmistress, the arrival of Mrs. Berendsen and her subsequent appointment as head of school, and the expansion of the school building in the late 1960s.

Part 3: 1970-2008

The final section covers the addition of the Ethel Grey Stringfellow Wing, Mrs. Berendsen's tenure as headmistress and her retirement and the life of the school under headmistresses Sandra Theunick and Patricia Hayot, including the additions of the Annenberg Center and the seventh and eighth floors of the building.