Alumnae Board


Kim Karetsky Krinsky ’95

Samantha Topping Gellert ’89
Vice President

Leslie Ehrlich ’78

Kimberly Wittmer ’97
Chair, Annual Giving

Marguerite Platt ’93
Co-Chair, Class Representatives

Wallis Post Wallace ’99
Co-Chair, Class Representatives

Rosemary Yeoh ’76
Chair, Governance

Lea Paine Highet ’84
Chair, Nominating

Patti Perkins McGrath ’62
Chair, Reunion Classes

Adrienne Nolan-Smith ’03
Chair, Reunion Events

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Elizabeth Cascella Auran ’78
Bianca Cabán ’05
Nicky Stout Chapin ’52
Eliza Clark ’88
Bettina Goldstein Decker ’88
Tanya Ryk Friedman ’90
Katherine Wallach Ginsburg ’95
Kirsten Landers Glantz ’90
Margaret Morgan Harbison ’55
Eleanor Martin Hoagland ’69
Natalie Swaby Hutchinson ’98
Muriel Isaac ’01
Diana Jaffe Jagannath ’04
Patty Murphy Paine ’55
Holly Phillips ’89
Dunia Rkein ’04
Deborah Wilson Sanchez ’77
Phoebe Rentschler Stanton ’46
Sara Tam ’03
Molly Tranbaugh ’02
Carolyne Volpe ’07

Alumnae Committees

Alumnae Board

The Alumnae Board leads and oversees the affairs of the Alumnae Association in partnership with the Alumnae Office. The work of the Alumnae Board is guided by the mission of the Association to:

  1. foster among its members continued interest in The Chapin School
  2. further the personal growth of the School's former students
  3. enable the School, through alumnae participation and financial support, to maintain its mission of academic excellence and commitment to the personal growth of young women

The Alumnae Board slate is voted on every April at Alumnae Reunion.

Class Representatives

As the primary link between their classmates and Chapin, Class Representatives strengthen everyone’s ties to the school and develop broad support for the Alumnae Association. Finance representatives encourage classmates to donate to annual giving and news representatives compile class notes for the Alumnae Bulletin. Representatives of both types try to attend events each year at Chapin on behalf of their classes, and they help to organize five-year-mark Reunions and form Reunion committees.

Alumnae Cultural Awareness Program (ACAP)

Chapin believes strongly in diversity in all aspects of its curriculum and community; the alumnae cultural awareness program celebrates that belief. Any alumnae who are interested in diversity topics are welcome to join to discuss these subjects in general and their own experiences in particular. The group also links alumnae to current students for mentoring, internships and summer jobs, with a special emphasis on connecting alumnae of color with current students of color.

Alumnae Development Committee

Chapin’s financial future depends, in large part, on alumnae participation in annual giving. The alumnae development committee has two goals: to encourage more alumnae to give, and to encourage alumnae to give more. It also ensures that alumnae contributors are thanked for their generosity in ways that reflect how valuable they are to the school.


Chapin is proud to have a room dedicated to housing documents, artifacts and other items that capture its history. The school welcomes volunteers to process photographs, work with unsorted collections, organize materials for exhibits and recommend photographs to feature on the school website. The archives also seeks volunteers both inside and outside New York who can conduct interviews for Chapin’s oral-history project, as our interview subjects live all over the world.

Ethel Grey Stringfellow Art Case Committee

Art case committee members plan timely displays that often reflect subjects that Chapin students are discussing in class or relate to national and international current events. Members also help to install and remove artwork.

International Alumnae Council & Regional Gatherings

The International Alumnae Council, a worldwide network of Chapin alumnae, needs women who live outside of New York City to act as delegates for their city or region. Delegates keep in touch with other alumnae in their areas and, with help and guidance from the School, plan informal and approachable events. Please note that Chapin is always looking for alumnae to be the hosts of regional gatherings; alumnae are also welcome to coordinate events without formally becoming a delegate.

Job & Internship Opportunities

Now more than ever, alumnae and current students look to Chapin’s accomplished alumnae as resources in finding internships or jobs. If you or your employer might be able to inform alumnae or students about any position of this nature, please let us know.

Networking & Mentoring Events

Volunteers in this area help to set up or play host to a career networking event for alumnae who either presently work in a specific field or who are hoping to establish themselves in it.