Affording Chapin

Chapin’s dedication to welcoming families from a wide range of socioeconomic backgrounds is demonstrated by our substantial commitment to providing generous financial grants to families.

Our long-standing financial aid program is guided by both our Mission Statement, as well as the National Association of Independent School’s (NAIS) Principles of Good Practice for Financial Aid Administration

Providing financial grants aligns with our mission to be an equitable and inclusive school community. Every family carries the financial responsibility for a child’s education, to the full extent that they are able. All grants are based solely on a family’s financial resources, and admissions decisions are made without regard to financial need. Additionally, financial assistance is available to students at all grade levels.



Tuition & Fees

Lower School (Kindergarten-Class 3)

$51,950 *

Middle School (Classes 4-7)

$51,950 **

Upper School (Classes 8-12)

$51,950 ***


* Includes (but not limited to): tuition, fees, snacks, lunch, supervised early arrival, field trips, school supplies

** Includes (but not limited to): tuition, fees, books, snacks, lunch, supervised early arrival, field trips, school supplies

*** Includes (but not limited to): tuition, fees, breakfast, snacks, lunch, field trips 

Beyond Tuition

At Chapin, we encourage students to fully engage in their school experience and we understand that these opportunities have costs beyond tuition. Knowing this, the financial aid committee may extend grants to mitigate certain costs that are not encompassed in tuition and fees. The examples of areas of support may include the following:

Families who are applying for financial assistance will not be required to submit an application fee to apply to Chapin.  Further, families may be eligible to receive reduced or waived fees for standardized testing that is required for admission for Classes 2-10. Please contact the admissions office for further information.

The Director of Transportation coordinates free metrocard distribution for students who live a half mile or more away from Chapin. Chapin also partners with Brearley to offer a Brooklyn bus service for an annual fee. The SNT bus, which is free of charge and provided by the Board of Education, services families who reside at least ½ mile from and within a 5-mile radius of Chapin in Kindergarten through Class 6.

As part of our 1:1 Laptop Integration Program, all new students in Classes 6-12 are provided with a MacBook through the Chapin Technology Department.
Lower School: School uniforms, educational support (as recommended by our Learning Resources Center).
Middle School: School uniforms, educational support (as recommended by our Learning Resources Center).
Upper School: School uniforms, athletics, books, SAT/ACT diagnostic tests, college visits, and tutoring (as recommended by our Learning Resources Center).
The Chapin Parents’ Association (PA) organizes a wide variety of annual community events such as the Book Fair, Middle School Square Dance and all-school skating party. Families are billed the $100 PA dues annually.
Lower School/Middle School Robotics
Upper School Model UN trip, Instrumental Strings Program, Study Away trips

Applying for Financial Aid

Financial aid is available at all grade levels and based solely on need. The Chapin School is committed to its financial aid program and provided approximately $6.1 million in tuition aid for 19 percent of our student body in the 2019-2020 school year.

Please read Applying for Financial Aid for the 2020-2021 Academic Year

Applicant Families: Submit all financial aid documentation by December 1, 2019.

Current Families: Submit all financial aid documentation by November 1, 2019.

Deadlines are firm. It is important that you file all forms and provide all information on time. Your application is not complete and cannot be reviewed until all required documentation is received.

Steps to Apply:

1. Beginning October 2, 2019, go to and complete the Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS).

2. Both custodial and non-custodial parents must complete the PFS. If only one parent or guardian is listed on the PFS, please complete the Second Parent Information Form and return it to The Chapin School.

3. Upload the following documents to your application by the deadline above:

  • 2018 Federal Income Tax Return, including all supporting schedules and business taxes where appropriate.
  • 2018 Form W-2 and/or Form 1099
  • Most recent pay stub and/or applicable 2019 statements of income

4. Upload the following documents as soon as they are available:

  • 2019 Federal Income Tax Return, including all supporting schedules and business taxes where appropriate.
  • 2019 Form W-2 and/or Form 1099
  • Other applicable 2019 statements of income

Additional documentation. The School may request additional information to support your application. Documents you may be asked to provide include: terms of a Trust, alimony or child support agreements, details of a mortgage or personal loan, verification of educational expenses, scholarships, and grants, value of investment portfolios, explanation of indebtedness including photocopies of bank or credit card statements.

Additional information. We urge you to submit any additional information you feel is pertinent to your application that may not be fully explained in the other required documentation. Include this information on your PFS or send a letter directly to John Wright, Financial Aid Coordinator, at

Please note. If a student does not apply for financial aid when first admitted to Chapin, the family is not eligible to apply for three years. However, any student who is paying full tuition may apply for financial aid should the need arise. The application must include a statement outlining the changes in circumstances that are responsible for the financial aid request. If the family circumstances have not changed significantly since the date of admission, no aid will be granted.

Financial aid funds are limited. If your financial aid file is not complete by the appropriate deadline, we may not be able to offer any financial assistance.

Financial Aid FAQ

Click HERE for a list of frequently asked questions.

The Garcia Family Foundation

Through the generosity of Chapin's endowment, we are delighted to be able to offer need-based financial assistance to many qualified applicants who embody Chapin's values of academic promise, citizenship, and a mission to be brave for others, brave for self.

Additionally, the generosity of both individuals and organizations allows for Chapin's financial aid program to extend scholarships to eligible applicants in need. Chapin is grateful to The Garcia Family Foundation for its leadership in this effort. The Foundation's goal is to broadly support the educational experience of recipients during their Chapin experience.

No application for the grant is required, as applicants to Chapin are automatically considered. Recipients of a Garcia grant are considered based solely on financial need.