Standardized Testing: ACT/SAT/ SAT Subject Tests

By the end of Class 11, we recommend that each of our students have taken the SAT I with essay or ACT with writing, plus two SAT Subject Tests in order to have the full slate of options when applying to college. Each college or university has their own set of requirements. Chapin's College Guidance team, along with the Upper School teachers, guide students about the appropriate time to take these tests.

The SAT I or up to three SAT Subject tests can be taken on a single test date. The American College Test (ACT) is always on a different weekend from the SAT I and Subject tests. We strongly recommend that students take tests when they feel ready and not before. We also recommend that the SAT or ACT not be taken more than three times. Create an account now at and/or for resources and registration deadlines. Please note that it is important to register for these exams several months prior to the test date in order to secure a convenient testing location. Fee waivers are available for students on financial aid.

Chapin’s curriculum allows for those students who are performing strongly to take certain SAT Subject tests. The tests that are in line with our curriculum are the Chemistry, Mathematics II and World History exams in Class 10, and, in Class 11, students may elect to take the US History, Literature, Physics, Mathematics II, and/or a World Language exam. Please note the Latin exam is only offered in June and December.

The latest date for a senior to take a test for the early decision deadline is October. The latest date for a senior to take a test for the regular decision deadline is December.

Test Optional Schools

There are some colleges/universities that DO NOT require scores. These schools are test optional programs. A full list of test optional schools can be found at

SAT Subject Tests

Please click HERE to view a list of schools that require Subject Tests and schools that take the ACT in place of Subject Tests.



Math Level 1

Math Level 2

United States History

World History


Biology M




French with Listening


Spanish with Listening

Chinese with Listening

Advanced Placement (AP) Exams

AP exams are not a requirement for college admissions. These scores may be self-reported and then officially sent once you decide where you will matriculate. Exams are offered on specific school days in May.

Reporting/Sending Scores to Colleges

It is the student’s responsibility to send test scores to colleges. When sending scores, the rules of each college must be followed. Some colleges have a Report-All testing policy and some colleges offer Score Choice, which allows students to only send their best scores. Given the very real possibility that all scores will need to be sent, we strongly suggest that students only take tests they are prepared for.