Our Program and Calendar

Chapin's College Guidance counselors have over 40 years of experience in secondary school college counseling and university admissions. Working closely with students, parents, the Chapin faculty, and college admissions representatives, our program provides detailed guidance with the admissions process, including:

  • Assistance in developing a balanced, individualized college application list
  • Several parent evenings including a case study program
  • Guidance about standardized testing (PSAT, SAT Reasoning Test, ACT)
  • Information about need-based financial aid and merit scholarships
  • Essay-writing workshops/College work nights/Summer application workshop
  • Practice for admissions interviews
  • Assistance with preparing applications
  • Personalized, comprehensive letters of recommendation
  • Advocacy for each applicant to admissions offices
  • Visits from college representatives
  • An Interschool College Night and a Spring College Fair
  • Gap Year resources
  • An Arts Portfolio information session

The counselors work with Upper School students in small groups during a weekly college guidance seminar (beginning in Class 11) and in frequent one-on-one meetings. We are available for individual family meetings and provide regular parent meetings.

Every student is able to make an informed decision about her future because she has planned well and has learned to use the many resources that our school offers her. Chapin believes that the student, the family, and the School should work together as a team in the process of investigating as many options as possible for the years beyond graduation.

College Guidance Planning Calendar