Beyond the Classroom

Our Middle School students know that learning doesn’t end when they step out of the classroom. They have ample opportunities to discover more about who they are, and who they want to be, as they participate in arts and athletics, embark on field trips and develop meaningful friendships through a range of extracurricular activities.


Through an advisory program that is integrated throughout Classes 4 to 7, Middle School students develop the social and emotional resiliency to face the challenges of adolescence. An array of programs and activities helps students become self-advocates, form healthy friendships, communicate effectively and understand the significance of building a strong community. Students also address the importance of physical health, and discuss maintaining a healthy body and body image. Each student’s advisor and advisory group — typically 10- 12 students — plays a central role in her life at Chapin. Groups meet multiple times each cycle to discuss issues that girls wish to talk about, from homework management to social challenges. During each student’s time in the Middle School, she learns to better understand herself and those around her. She enters the Upper School with the confidence and means to successfully navigate her high school years.

After-School Programs

Middle School students may take advantage of after-school study hall, which is organized by grade and held Mondays-Thursdays from 3-3:50 p.m.

Girls in Classes 6 and 7 can stay in the building until 6:00 p.m. as part of the supervised Night Owl study-hall program.


Organized by both Chapin and our sister school, Brearley, Clubhouse is an after-school enrichment program for students in Kindergarten through Class 5. Under the supervision of teachers and qualified Clubhouse personnel, students have the chance to broaden their imaginations, increase their level of physical activity, and develop a deeper appreciation for the arts through the diverse range of activities offered each trimester. Participation in the Clubhouse — especially interacting with students from a neighboring school — encourages the girls to widen their definition of community. They go beyond the boundaries of their own experiences by working together and exploring an array of perspectives.

Clubhouse activities may include:

  • Chess
  • Cooking
  • Dance Adventure
  • Drama
  • Inventions and Concoctions
  • Jewelry Design
  • Kids Engineer
  • Lacrosse
  • Magic
  • Science Wonders
  • Sewing
  • Soccer
  • Yoga

The program begins with a snack and free choice each afternoon, with classes beginning and ending at designated times.

There is an extended stay option available, where children may engage in quiet activities, play in the gym, and /or go to the park (weather permitting) until 5:45 pm.

Financial Aid for The Clubhouse is available to families receiving Financial Aid from the school.


Middle School students participate in a range of sports and develop the sportsmanship, team participation skills and fitness levels to become competitive athletes at any level.

A listing of Middle School sports and sports electives are below. For further information about athletics at Chapin, including schedules and forms, please click on the Athletics portion of our website.


  • PE Club: Class 4
  • Soccer: Classes 5/6
  • Soccer: Classes 7/8
  • Swim Elective: Classes 5/6/7
  • Volleyball: Classes 5/6
  • Volleyball: Classes 7/8


  • Basketball: Class 5
  • Basketball: Class 6
  • Basketball: Classes 7/8
  • Fencing: Classes 6/7 elective
  • Swimming: Classes 5/6
  • Swimming: Classes 7/8
  • Track Elective: Classes 6/7


  • Badminton Intramurals: Classes 5/6/7
  • Fencing Elective: Classes 5/6/7
  • Lacrosse: Classes 5/6
  • Lacrosse: Classes 7/8
  • Track: Classes 5/6
  • Track: Classes 7/8

Extracurricular Activities

Fun with a purpose — such is the essence of Chapin extracurricular activities. The bustle of Chapin’s classrooms in the late afternoons and evenings is as diverse and exciting as school day activities. Working closely with faculty advisors, students decide what their clubs should accomplish, plan related events and raise money needed to meet their goals.

Club period takes place during the school day. In addition, there are after-school clubs and activities. Middle School students may choose from more than 20 clubs and activities, including:

  • Athletics*
  • Chess*
  • Chorus*
  • Craft Club
  • Cultural Awareness Program (CAP)
  • Cursive Club
  • Dance Club
  • Drama Club
  • Fencing*
  • Junior Council
  • Junior SAVE (sustainability club)
  • Math Club
  • Model Congress
  • Robotics*
  • Strings*

* after-school activity

Field Trips

Although Middle School students challenge themselves every day in Chapin’s classrooms, their experience wouldn’t be complete if they didn't face challenging and rewarding experiences outside of Chapin as well. Middle School girls embark on a number of field trips throughout the academic year that are designed to foster interdisciplinary learning and relationship-building. Both of these notions are key elements for Middle School students, as is fun! On each trip, students have opportunities to laugh and bond with friends and teachers, solidifying their understanding that active learning and healthy relationships are essential parts of a happy life.

In Classes 4 and 5, students travel to local sites, such as the New York Botanical Garden and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, to supplement their classroom learning. Class 6 students visit Cape Cod in the fall of each year, where they engage in shore ecology studies and build strong relationships, both with friends and their advisory group. Class 7 students travel to Boston to immerse themselves in sites rich with American history, and also to continue developing important friendships with peers and teachers. Whether it’s a local field trip or a trek across a salt marsh, every Middle School student experiences unique hands-on learning, and fortifies the emotional and social resiliency that readies her to navigate adolescence and beyond.

Inter-Grade Collaboration

Chapin’s Middle School is a communal environment that fosters friendships and relationships across all grade levels. Students play on inter-grade athletics teams, sing together in the Middle School chorus and enjoy each other’s company in Middle School clubs. Through these opportunities, girls meet their older and younger peers, develop new relationships and learn from one another. In addition, several programs throughout the year help to build each student’s sense of community.

In the “big sister/little sister program,” girls from Class 7 partner with girls from Class 4 to help them adjust to life in the Middle School. Class 7 students visit with their Class 4 counterparts during study halls, and the girls work together on community service projects, often leading to lasting friendships.

Middle School gatherings, which happen twice per cycle, are an important feature of life in the Middle School. During the gatherings, the entire Middle School comes together to celebrate notable achievements, discuss any topics that are relevant to them and to remind themselves that they are an integral part of a supportive learning environment.

Performances & Art

The arts in all their forms — music, dance, theater and visual art — are essential to the Middle School experience. Whether it’s delivering dialogue in a play, dancing in a piece she helped choreograph, or singing in a chorus, every Middle School student has the chance to take the stage. In addition, the visual art she produces is displayed around Chapin throughout the year, and more formally during the Middle School art show, which is held in the spring. These opportunities allow students to share their creativity with parents, teachers and friends. Many performances provide students with the opportunity to be self-directed artists who contribute ideas to the productions. Some performances, such as the Middle School Dance Club, are only for fellow students, while others, such as the play performed by Classes 6 and 7, are open to parents and teachers. Students who sing in the Middle School chorus perform during Chapin’s holiday and spring concerts, and at the Interschool Choral Festival. There are two drama productions (either a play or a musical) each year open to girls in Classes 5, 6, and 7.

Middle School Robotics

The Chapin Bots is an after-school program focused on the development of STEM and robotics skills, open to students in Classes 4 through 8. Most students enter the program as a member of the JV team, where they complete a series of self-paced programming and building challenges. As they gain requisite design and programming skills, students can join Varsity teams that enter various STEM-robotics competitions, such as FIRST LEGO League (FLL) and RoboCupJunior. All Varsity teams develop a range of advanced programming and prototyping skills. The Varsity Drones and RoboSoccer teams, in particular, design their own robot parts using the School's laser cutter and 3D printers while honing their microelectronic assembly skills.

The Bots have earned numerous awards at competitions, such as first place in the RoboCupJunior USA Lightweight Soccer Division and the coveted Champion's Award at the NYC FLL Championship. As a result, Chapin's FLL Bots team has gone on to compete against teams from throughout the United States and the world.