Teaching Approach

Teachers in the Lower School are experienced and dynamic educators who provide students with a firm foundation in basic skills and good work habits. Our teachers educate the whole child, paying close attention to each student's social, emotional and physical well-being. No matter the subject, teachers help students achieve their potential, infusing the Chapin learning experience with joy and enthusiasm.

Lower School Faculty Bios

Jeanne Allegra

Physical Education teacher, Athletics Coach

Annie Ambrogio

Physical Education Teacher

Sarah Bellantoni

Head of Lower School Arts and Integration, Drama Teacher

Desiree Butler

Lower School Associate Teacher

Alana Cimillo

Kindergarten Head Teacher

Carolyn Crandall

Learning Resources Teacher

Thérèse Cruite

Head of Lower School

Vanity David

Kindergarten Head Teacher

Michael Davis

Head of Upper School Physical Education, Athletics Coach

Jennifer Ellis

Kindergarten Head Teacher
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