Lower School

The Lower School is often the first all-girls’ learning environment for our students. In a dynamic and supportive environment, the girls are empowered to take risks and to challenge themselves. Our students acquire the building blocks of literacy through listening, speaking, reading and writing; they develop an understanding of numerical patterns and relationships through hands-on experiences and problem solving; they test scientific methods through experiments that put them in touch with our living and physical world; and they gain insights into our local and global communities. Collaborative teaching and differentiated instruction enable each student to actively and intentionally engage with the concepts presented to them in independently meaningful ways. This ensures that they develop mastery over the materials, explore new interests and acquire skill development by working with a partner, in groups and on their own.

Beginning in Kindergarten, Chapin students are immersed in Spanish language lessons through direct instruction, conversation and interdisciplinary projects.Their vivid imaginations and creativity are nurtured in the art room, the dance studio, and in drama and music classes. And in physical education classes, the girls develop physical, cognitive and social competencies through movement exploration, skill development and cooperative game play both in our gyms and the conveniently located Carl Schurz Park.