Chapin has a historic commitment to offering the most challenging academic curriculum while also teaching social, emotional and life skills that set the stage for our students' success in this century.

Chapin prepares students to thrive and lead in a world with very different challenges and opportunities than those that awaited previous generations. While the core skills remain as important as ever, there is a new premium on the ability to communicate, to use and manage information, to collaborate in diverse teams, and to think critically and creatively about issues and problems. Our educational plan is designed to strengthen these capacities and to ensure, as before, that Chapin graduates leave us with a lifelong love of learning, resiliency, perseverance, and an understanding of the value of helping others.

Lower School (K-3)

Learning together with joy, curiosity and creativity

Middle School (4-7)

Exploring the world, finding their voices, strengthening community

Upper School (8-12)

Empowering young women, creating a better future