Student-driven inquiry, we believe, sets the stage for enduring understanding. At the heart of Chapin’s academic program is a two-part commitment: to a learning environment that enables all students to embrace the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century to the best of their abilities, and to classroom teaching that both meets the highest standards of academic excellence and is tailored to each student’s interests and potential. As part of our pledge that curriculum and pedagogy reflect research and best practices, we aim to place each student at the center of their own learning.

Likewise, a commitment on the part of students and educators alike to a growth mindset ensures that for all students understanding key concepts in all disciplines is possible. Inextricably linked to our academic program are efforts that support the emotional health and well-being of our students.

Lower School

Learning together with joy, curiosity and creativity

Middle School

Exploring the world, finding our voices, strengthening community

Upper School

Empowering young women, creating a better future