The Magnificent Math Olympiad

The Magnificent Math Olympiad

What’s the best way to spend a Saturday morning? Competing in Math Olympiad at Chapin, of course! On May 13, more than 200 grade 4-8 students from 12 city schools (independent and public) came to 100 East End Avenue to demonstrate their impressive mathematical skills and knowledge during this electrifying event, which Chapin was honored to host for the first time.

After checking in and picking up their official green-and-white T-shirts, the participants made their way to either the Gordon Room (for grades 4 and 5) or the Lower Level Dining Room (for grades 6, 7 and 8), where they concentrated on a variety of timed challenges. Proctors at each table ensured a fair contest.

With 30 minutes on the clock, the groups first endeavored to solve 10 individual problems. Surrounded by sharpened pencils and scrap paper, the mathematicians quickly and quietly worked through each task.

While a cohort of judges checked the answer sheets in the Fairfax Room, Yojin Chung, Head of the Middle School Math Department, and Patrick Aquino, Head of Upper School Math, reviewed the questions on the white boards to further fortify the students’ understanding.

Following a snack break, the team tournament kicked off, resulting in lively chatter as team members worked together to tackle their assignments. When trophies were awarded for the highest scorers, the rooms erupted in enthusiastic cheers.

Congratulations to our own Class 7 team* for winning the Middle School tournament (grades 6-8) and to all the student competitors for their outstanding efforts!

Special thanks to our professional community, including K-12 Math Consultant Leia Yongvanich, Mr. Aquino, Ms. Chung and Middle School Math teachers Sehee Kim, Jonathan Shiller and Fanny Sosenke, as well as to the coaches, parent volunteers and facilities team who made this terrific event possible.


*Class 7 Team

Maya Berger
Samantha Hung
Suman Shah
Gemma Wang

Other Chapin Math Olympians included:

Class 4 Teams

Marguerite Bardeen|
Aria Bhushan
Ohemaa Pratt
Elle Yu

Cate Coons
Mahira Doshi
Samantha Pinzón
Penelope Wang

Severine Dinstein
Charlotte Macfarlane
Kate Simkay
Sydney Trinh

Angela Du
Beatrice Saint-Amand
Hayley Song
Eugenie Wang
Rania Zuberi

Class 5 Teams

JoJo Charles
Lula Daniels
Olivia Song
Jun Tomizawa

Alex Jones
Victoria Luyombya
Nina Murray
Arielle Sacks

Clara Emmet
Claire Goldberg
Claudia Kim
Anya Rughwani

Class 6 Teams

Eloise Bardeen
Audrey Phillips
Mila Schultes
Arielle Gooden

Katherine Hansen
Maddie Lai
Lindley Lokhin

Paris Trinh


Lark Deaton
Leela Dilmaghani
Quinn Mackintosh
Claire Ooi
Liliana Wu

Class 8 Team

Chloe Gaw
Amelia Liu
Rhea Sawabini