Morning Frisbee for Class 5

During the crisp days of autumn, before the temperature inevitably drops, Chapin’s Physical Education teachers enjoy bringing their students outside on a regular basis, and Class 5 is no exception. Once a six-day cycle, on “P” days, these Middle School students spend an early-morning hour exercising at nearby Asphalt Green, where they have plenty of outdoor space to run around and practice a variety of skills.

At 8:30 on a beautiful October morning, the four sections of Class 5 – led by P.E. teachers Carlton Farrier, Jane Anne Randolph, Nick DePaola and Sydney Streimer – left Chapin and walked briskly up East End Avenue to 90th Street. Arriving at Asphalt Green, the groups fanned out across the fitness center’s gigantic field to try their hands at a fun and enduring sport: Ultimate Frisbee!

The students began by tossing the colorful Frisbees – in this class, the soft, flexible kind is used – to their partners to get a feel for the mechanics of throwing and catching. After a few minutes of strong effort (and a few laughs), they transitioned to a real contest.

As half of the girls pulled on yellow, green or blue pinnies, their teachers quickly reviewed the rules of this aerobic sport, which was created in 1968 by a group of high-school students in Maplewood, New Jersey. Then it was game on!

With enthusiasm and agility, the students performed impressively, passing the Frisbees to their teammates to score points, while trying to remember not to take steps while holding the disc. Their teachers were close at hand to keep them engaged and in bounds. The students strategized together, cheered one another on and, most importantly, had some serious fun.

As the period came to a close, the Class 5 students helped collect the Frisbees and the pinnies and waited their turns at the water fountain. Hydrated and chatting happily, they walked back to Chapin to continue their day, perhaps with a little extra energy and confidence, thanks to an invigorating morning of outdoor play.

Browse photos from the class below: