Lower School Grandparents' and Special Friends' Day 2021

On Friday, May 7, Chapin virtually welcomed Lower School students’ families and friends into their classrooms for an exciting event: Grandparents’ and Special Friends’ Day!

To begin their morning “at” Chapin, visitors enjoyed class introductions, student-created videos, a read aloud and other experiences that are typical in the life of a Lower Schooler. After spending a half hour in their grandchild’s or friend’s particular pod, guests migrated to a new Zoom room with the entire Lower School.

Head of School Suzanne Fogarty gave a warm welcome and then passed the virtual mic to Head of Lower School Thérèse Cruite who discussed the importance of creating a welcoming and supportive environment in the Lower School and fostering a sense of self and belonging. “We encourage students to be their most authentic selves,” she said.

To emphasize this point, Class 2 shared some special projects they completed this year that combined Arts and Spanish. First, they shared a bit about their “Mini Yo” (mini me) project, where each student created a self-portrait and a collage to incorporate parts of their own identity and experiences.

They also described “True-Self Tuesday,” an initiative created in Class 2 to inspire students and professional community members alike to express themselves and show their individuality. “This is not just on Tuesdays, that’s just the day we celebrate,” remarked a Class 2 student. “And, of course, it isn’t just Class 2! It’s for the whole School!”

Next, visitors were treated to a video compilation of student-choreographed dances. Along with the melody of “This is Me,” from The Greatest Showman, were student voices sharing their “power phrases.” Silly, Creative, Piano-playing, Dog-loving, Brave, Funny, Smart, and Friend were only a few of the many wonderful words they used to describe themselves.

Vibrant space projects created by Kindergarteners and creative artwork made by Class 1 were displayed center-screen and, lastly, those in attendance enjoyed a special rendition of “Mother Earth” and “We Share the Earth,” sung by Classes 2 and 3.

“Thank you for sharing your talents and joy,” remarked Ms. Cruite to wrap up the Assembly. “And thank you to our guests for spending the morning with us. We hope you enjoyed this taste of life at 100 East End Avenue!”