Lower School Field Day Roars Into Town


The K-3 students, dressed in their assigned red, blue, yellow and green clothing, arrived at nearby Asphalt Green ready for the much-anticipated Lower School Field Day. Greeted by a menagerie of inflatable animals secured to the field’s gate, the girls knew they were in for a wild adventure as the safari-themed activities got underway.

With bright hula hoops, hurdles, balls, cones and jump ropes decorating the field, the students eagerly participated in a host of entertaining, age-appropriate contests, such as “Kangaroo Goal Kicking,” “Gazelle 25-yard Dash,” “Rhino Relay,” “Lemur Limbo,” and “Elephant Tag,” throughout the sunny morning.

After resting in the shade and drinking plenty of water, the students delighted in watching their teachers gamely compete with one another in the “Four Corner Cheetah Challenge Relay,” a nail-biting event back by popular demand. To conclude the festivities, Class 3 proudly ran a triumphant lap to celebrate their last year of Lower School, passing underneath a bridge the teachers made with their raised arms. What a thrilling day of fun and fitness for our youngest girls, made possible by the Physical Education Department and the Lower School faculty!

Browse photos from Lower School Field Day below (some photographs taken by Chapin staff member Jonathan Mamelok):