Introducing the Captains' Council

On a recent Thursday morning, a group of Upper School students assembled in Room 302, some settling into chairs, others sitting on the carpet. For the next 20 minutes, they shared updates about team statistics and the upcoming athletic banquet.

What appeared to be a routine meeting actually represented something more groundbreaking. This energetic gathering was an installment of the “Captains’ Council,” a monthly venture composed of the captains of Chapin’s Varsity and Junior Varsity teams and overseen by Physical Education teachers and coaches Ginger Murtaugh and Jane Anne Randolph.

“We are a sounding board for anything athletics-related,” explained Ms. Murtaugh, adding that the aim of the newly formed Council is to serve as a supportive platform for captains to connect across sports and seasons.

Thus, in addition to serving as captains of their respective fall, winter or spring teams, these students now have the opportunity to interact in a different leadership capacity within Chapin Athletics.

Current Council discussions have centered around the seasonal banquets, which the members are helping to reimagine and elevate with invitations, decorations and a photo booth. The captains have also made the decision to add three recognitions for each team: Most Improved Player, Service Award and Spirit Award.

Over the course of this inaugural year, the Captains’ Council will continue to evolve, while establishing itself as an important outlet through which Chapin’s hardworking sports captains can come together for valuable monthly dialogue.

2019-2020 Captains’ Council


Cross Country: Heidi Horowitz, Anna Tsioulias

Field Hockey: Grace Howe, India Jones, Mere Latour, Ngadi Kamara

Soccer: Olivia Cranshaw, Sara Russell, Jasmine Singh

Tennis: Farah Haskin, Reagan Romo

Varsity Volleyball: Caroline Baynard, Avery Schner, Isabel Sullivan, Dylan Zgodny

JV Volleyball: Ashfah Alam


Varsity Basketball: Helen Scarborough, Isabel Sullivan

JV Basketball: Marin Thebault, Sophia Trapani

Fencing: Veronica Marotta, Lynna Tsai

Indoor Track: Merel Latour, Nia Satterfield Brown

Squash: Julia Fink, Alizeh Mehdi

Swimming: Olivia Kim, Alexa Korologos


Badminton: Olivia Cranshaw, Cindy Xu

Track: Emma Balber, Caroline Baynard, Merel Latour

Varsity Lacrosse: Sara Russell, Helen Scarborough

Varsity Softball: To be announced

Advisors: Ginger Murtaugh and Jane Anne Randolph