Inspiring Athletes

It was a special day at Chapin on Wednesday, November 10. A day when six scholar athletes* participated in National Letter of Intent Signing Day and officially committed to continuing in their chosen sport at Division 1 institutions.

Each senior – sporting their collegiate apparel and a bright smile – sat at a table draped with their chosen school’s banner.

“Thank you for coming to celebrate the student-athletes you see before us,” began Director of Athletics Michelle Caywood.

“Today is a great day,” she continued with a proud grin on her face. “It’s great to be together for this national day of celebration of high school and college sports. It’s great to welcome you all in person in our new gym and it’s great to stand before you representing The Chapin School’s Athletic department.”

Turning her attention towards the six seniors, Ms. Caywood remarked, “It’s great that these incredible athletes have been chosen out of thousands – around the country and beyond – to represent their respective schools and have achieved the next highest level of athletic accomplishment.”

“Savor every moment and trust your gut,” she advised. “It won’t let you down. Trust your coaches – they are the best of the best. Trust your teammates, they’ll always have your back, and you theirs. Be proud, be humble. Trust and believe that you deserve to be right where you are. You did this, you got yourself here, and remember, you will always be a Gator. Congratulations!”

The room burst into applause before Brad Greenman, Associate Director of Athletics, made his way to the podium. Mr. Greenman noted the importance of a support system and recognized the many who were present – coaches, friends, parents and PC members. “I know how grateful these six students are for all that you’ve done,” he said. “We are so proud of each of you.”

With that, the athletes picked up their pens and signed their respective letters – with our Chapin Gator nearby to cheer them on!

We extend a heartfelt congratulations to these six students! 

Abigail Ball,
Brown University (Lacrosse)
Cecilia Cooley, University of Denver (Gymnastics)
Liza Marcus, Brown University (Gymnastics)
Sarah Moeder, Yale University (Sailing)
Abigail Solomon, Yale University (Soccer)
Avery Schner, Fairfield University (Volleyball)