Grandparents' and Special Friends' Days 2019

Last week, over 500 guests were welcomed to 100 East End Avenue for Lower and Middle School Grandparents’ and Special Friends’ Day. A beloved annual event, our students were so excited to host their loved ones and give them glimpses into the joyful learning community they experience every day at Chapin. After a warm greeting from Dr. Hayot in the Gordon Room on both days, these guests of honor made their way to the students’ classrooms for action-packed mornings. Read highlights and browse photos from the events below:

Lower School:

In Kindergarten, guests shared beautiful memory boxes they had prepared just for the occasion filled with old photographs and mementos from their lives, prompting spirited storytelling and laughter about the past. The students also introduced them to the many fascinating creatures living in the Lower School Science Room, from stick bugs and fluffy chicks to Roosevelt the guinea pig.

Class 1 students shared their ideal community models with their visitors and then worked with them to add inspiring murals to the buildings’ walls. The guests also enjoyed observing a dance class and putting their creativity and inventiveness to the test in Technology.

In Classes 2 and 3, students proudly showed their guests around their homerooms, explaining recent projects and pointing out their hard work displayed on the walls. Loved ones were then wowed by a special music performance in the Assembly Room.

Browse photos from the Lower School day below (continue scrolling for Middle School):

Middle School:

Middle School grandparents and special friends enjoyed a variety of classes across all disciplines during their visits, from watching original choreography in the Assembly Room and hearing Etude in C performed on handbells in the music room, to spectating lively games of kickball in the gyms.

These guests didn’t just observe, they also had a truly hands-on Middle School experience through fun activities with their students like sketching still life drawings of cups in the art room, measuring oysters and taking water samples in the science labs, and performing Shakespeare in the humanities classrooms.

Browse photos from the Middle School below: