Get Ready for Cinderella, the Upper School Musical!

If this exceptional year at Chapin has taught us nothing else, it’s that nearly anything is possible. A wonderful example of ingenuity and perseverance in action is the Upper School’s spring production of “Cinderella,” which beautifully demonstrates how the performing arts continue to thrive at 100 East End Avenue.

The show, loosely based on the Broadway adaptation of the Rodgers and Hammerstein classic, premieres later this week and promises to delight and entertain. Because of pandemic restrictions, however, a traditional live performance in front of a full-capacity audience was not possible. Undeterred by this challenge, the intrepid ensemble* created an experience that is innovative, magical and mesmerizing: The “Cinderella” movie musical!

After months of virtual and in-person preparation, the dedicated cast and crew came together in the weeks leading up to the show’s opening to rehearse and film in the Assembly Room. Wearing masks and maintaining physical distance, they spent five hours after school each day for several weeks perfecting dialogue, songs, and dance numbers.

During a recent visit to rehearsal, this writer observed incredible talent on display, an enchanting pink castle, remarkable collaboration, an emergency shoe repair with a glue gun, multiple costume adjustments, a (toy) horse named Buttercup, and more than enough laughter to go around. With cameras, lights and audio equipment capturing the scenes, the gifted team of actors and crew members worked tirelessly on their inspired performances and essential behind-the-scenes work.

The “Cinderella” movie musical will be live-streamed to the Chapin community on Thursday, May 20 and Friday May 21. In addition, a very limited number of professional community members and Upper School students (masked and physical distanced) will be able to watch the film during a live viewing party in the brand-new Athletic Center. See below for schedule and ticket information.

“Cinderella: The Musical” was directed by Drama teacher Sarah Bellantoni, who is also Head of Lower School Arts and Integration, with invaluable contributions from faculty members Robert Thaxton-Stevenson (Technical Director and Editor), Elizabeth Adler (Music Director), and Lynette Engel (Choreographer), and many others.

Congratulations one and all on what we know will be a spectacular and joyful movie event!

*Cast Members:
Manha Awais (Class 9)
Khushi Bhutra (Class 9)
Lilah Gorfain (Class 10)
Kiera Hackett (Class 10)
Tildy Hirschhorn (Class 9)
Isabella Lashley (Class 11)
Claire Lazar (Class 11)
Summer Love (Class 8)
Alex Nuñez (Class 12)
Emily Patterson (Class 11)
Whitney Pellegrino (Class 10)
Ava Pressman (Class 12)
Elaina Taylor (Class 10)

*Production Crew:
Tallulah León (Class 12), Lighting Design
Jamie Vera (Class 10), Assistant Director
Ava Pressman (Class 12), Assistant Music Director
Lilah Gorfain (Class 10), Assistant Director of Photography
Alek Silver (Class 8), Sound Board Operator
Katherine Yoseloff (Class 8), Tech Crew
Kimberly Guzman (Class 8), Tech Crew
Maddy Machare (Class 9), Tech Crew
Jillian Krieger (Class 10), Build Crew
Piper Shillingford (Class 8), Build Crew
Rachel Sinaiko (Class 8); Build Crew
Sophia Trapani (Class 10), Build Crew

Sarah Bellantoni, Director
Robert Thaxton-Stevenson, Technical Director and Editor
Elizabeth Adler Music Director
Lynette Engel, Choreographer
Walter Aparicio, Accompanist
Sabrina Bianca Guillaume, Costume Designer
Jilian Ohikuare, Assistant Costume Designer/Wardrobe Supervisor