Gear Day Celebrates College Choices

The students in Class 12 could hardly contain their elation last Thursday morning. Dressed in colorful collegiate attire, the 62 talented members of the Class of 2020, whose final months at Chapin have shifted to a distance-learning format, gathered remotely for a traditional spring milestone: a celebration of their college choices!

“Look at all these happy people,” exclaimed Director of College Guidance Karey Boals as the students’ vibrant faces popped into view. Head of School Dr. Patricia Hayot, Upper School Head Michael Maloy and a number of teachers, coaches and professional community members, many in their own college apparel, joined the online festivities honoring this terrific group of young women, who will attend a wide range of colleges and universities, 39 institutions in all.

The upbeat “Gear Day,” organized by the College Guidance team, started with a trivia quiz*, which the students completed by clicking on a series of multiple-choice buttons that appeared on their screens. Once finished, Annette Kanter, Administrative Assistant to College Guidance, revealed the answers** and the percentage of respondents who got them right. The students seemed to especially enjoy the questions highlighting their teachers.

Next, Associate Director of College Guidance Daniela Arreola Segrove introduced a door-decoration contest by sharing an image of her “Barnard quilt,” which she’d constructed from her vast trove of Barnard College clothing. Then she shared the students’ submissions that featured doors creatively adorned with college colors, mascots and logos. Awards were announced for “Best School Spirit” (Ella Guenther), “Best Design” (Morgan Romo), “Best Use of Unconventional Materials,” (Isobel Porteous), “Most Creative” (Olivia Cranshaw), “Most Informative,” (Tazrean Hossain) and “Gator’s Choice” (Erin Donahue).

Ms. Boals then declared, “Seniors, we love you so much, and we’re so proud of your accomplishments. We can’t wait to see where your lives will take you!”

Following a rousing round of applause, other participants began reflecting on this extraordinary Class:

“It’s been an enormous pleasure to be alongside you all these years,” said Director of Academic Program and Chapin alumna Ilana Pergam ’86, who sported an impressive collection of vintage attire from Yale University, her alma mater. “We will miss you terribly.”

“I’ve very proud of the incredible human beings you’ve become. I will treasure you forever,” remarked Inés Gónzalez-Ochoa, Head of the World Languages Department.

"I’m so impressed with your dedication and sense of team spirit,” said Athletics Director Michelle Caywood. “I am extremely proud of you.”

“I love each one of you!” added Spanish teacher Laura de Toledo.

In her special way, Dr. Hayot showered exuberant praise on the class. Honoring their “grace, elegance and generous hearts,” she remarked, “to everyone who has smoothed your path, you exude such thanks and gratitude. Dear Class of 2020, you have smoothed our path, too. We send our deepest thanks, from all of us.”

Beaming from fitting tributes and the chance to connect with their classmates and teachers, the Class 12 students signed off.

Congratulations Class of 2020 on this exciting next step in your educations! Bright futures most certainly await.

*College Quiz

1. This college is the oldest (founded in 1837) of the Seven Sisters women’s colleges.

Answer 1: Barnard College

Answer 2: Mount Holyoke College

Answer 3: Scripps College

Answer 4: Smith College


2. Which of these schools does not call the tiger its mascot?

Answer 1: Princeton University

Answer 2: University of Missouri

Answer 3: Clemson University

Answer 4: University of Maine

3. What do (History Department Head) Ms. Baylor & (Math Teacher) Mr. Aquino have in common when it comes to college?

Answer 1: They both took a Gap Year.

Answer 2: They both attended Williams College.

Answer 3: They both worked at the same bookstore.

Answer 4: They both transferred after freshman year.

4. This university had the first Greek sorority.

Answer 1: Wesleyan University

Answer 2: Duke University

Answer 3: Georgetown University

Answer 4: Stanford University

5. Famous people who attended the school include Will Ferrell, Neil Armstrong and Sophia Bush.

Answer 1: Yale University

Answer 2: University of Southern California

Answer 3: Boston College

Answer 4: Northwestern University

6. This co-ed institution was originally a women’s college.

Answer 1: Middlebury College

Answer 2: Vassar College

Answer 3: Davidson College

Answer 4: Wake Forest University

7. This school is the second-oldest college in the country.

Answer 1: Washington and Lee University

Answer 2: Brown University

Answer 3: College of William and Mary

Answer 4: University of Virginia

8. Before transferring to Columbia, President Barack Obama was enrolled at this institution.

Answer 1: The University of Hawaii

Answer 2: Occidental College

Answer 3: UCLA

Answer 4: George Washington University

9. Which alma mater do (Head of School) Dr. Hayot and (English teacher) Mr. Silverman share?

Answer 1: Syracuse University

Answer 2: University of Michigan

Answer 3: New York University

Answer 4: Duke University

10. What is the youngest University in the Ivy League?

Answer 1: Harvard University

Answer 2: Cornell University

Answer 3: Columbia University

Answer 4: Yale University


**College Quiz Answers

Question 1:

The Answer is #2 (Mount Holyoke College)

Question 2:

The Answer is #4 (University of Maine)

Question 3:

The Answer is #2 (They both attended Williams College.)

Question 4:

The Answer is #1 (Wesleyan University)

Question 5:

The Answer is #2 (University of Southern California)

Question 6:

The Answer is #2 (Vassar College)

Question 7:

The Answer is #3 (College of William and Mary)

Question 8:

The Answer is #2 (Occidental College)

Question 9:

The Answer is #2 (University of Michigan)

Question 10:

The Answer is #2 (Cornell University)