Field Day 2021

Over the course of four beautiful, sun-filled mornings, Chapin students gathered on the Asphalt Green turf for their beloved Field Day.

Classes 10-12 kicked things off on Tuesday, May 4. Wearing their Chapin best – covered in either Green and Gold – the students engaged in numerous activities including Ultimate Frisbee, Relays, Kickball and the crowd favorite: Tug of War.

Middle Schoolers followed suit on Tuesday, May 25, decked out in Green and Gold tutus, hair bands, and accessories; while Classes 8 and 9 participated on Thursday, May 27, also colorfully showing their team spirt.

Lower School students had their turn on Friday, May 28, sporting bright colors across the rainbow (Green and Gold designations occur in Class 4). They did the limbo, ran and played, and delighted in watching the Lower School faculty members partake in their own relay! In keeping with tradition, Class 3 students ran proudly under a bridge, made by teachers with their hands outstretched, to commemorate their final Field Day in Lower School.

Friendly competition, good sportsmanship and fun were on display at each divisional event and, following their exciting activities, K-12 students enjoyed a delicious ice cream treat from Mr. Softie. Congratulations to all of our students for rising to the challenge during this incredible year.

Our Field Days could not have been possible without our stalwart PE and Athletics Departments, and members of our Professional Community, who have exhibited tireless dedication and resilience throughout the year. Thank you for all that you do!

Enjoy the photos!