Field Day 2020

Although unable to gather on Randall’s Island for the beloved tradition of Field Day, that didn’t stop the Chapin Athletic Team from hosting school-wide celebrations. After copious planning and fine-tuning, students from Kindergarten to Class 12 enjoyed a collaborative and energetic day.

Athletic activities always provide an opportunity to come together, fostering values of community and perseverance, and this holds true even virtually. By pivoting to a remote experience, our Phys Ed teachers were challenged to design innovative athletic competitions, played, for the most part, indoors and without equipment typically used. However, rising to the challenge, they executed several entertaining games using common household items, such as colorful t-shirts and paper goods.

In Lower School, items of choice included toilet paper rolls, red solo cups and balled up socks for use with a personal bowling alley. They also created a scavenger hunt, where any items found corelated to a physical activity. (Jumping jacks for every two green items found, push-ups for yellow, and an item with multiple colors designated mountain climbers.)

May 15 kicked off weekly festivities for Kindergarten and Class 1 students, while Class 2 and 3 followed suit on May 22.

On May 21, Middle and Upper School students engaged in a fun filled morning with a wide variety of divisional events and, of course, Green vs. Gold competitions. All convened over Zoom, wearing their Chapin best, with some even sporting face paint and hair dye. Director of Athletics Michelle Caywood was spotlighted center screen and happily greeted, “Happy Field Day everyone!”

Along with the Phys Ed teachers, many other Professional Community members joined the Zoom sessions for the classic faculty vs. student challenges, which, this year, included 80s music trivia, charades and a lip syncing contest.

After participating in exciting events such as “Take it with a Grain of Rice Challenge,” “Use your Noggin,” “Keep it Up,”  and “Waste Paper Basket Toss,” all Upper School students gathered for their final activities, where Classes competed with each other, striving for Green or Gold to be crowned the 2020 champion.

Associate Director of Athletics Chris Hayes and Athletic trainer Alison Levy served as moderators, working together to ensure a seamless flow between competitions, and enhanced the day’s energy by playing upbeat tunes including Pharrell’s “Happy.”

While participants competed, the chat feature of Zoom went wild with notifications, as their peers sent multiple rows of Green or Gold emoji hearts to show their support.

While not the day they likely imagined, there were plenty of laughs, high spirits and smiles to go around. Stay tuned for the Athletic Department to announce at the final Assembly if Green or Gold will be the first to fly their banner with pride in the new Athletic facility opening in fall 2020! Congratulations to all on a spectacular virtual Field Day!