Class 7 Delivers an Unforgettable “Agatha Rex”

Last week, 18 mesmerizing student actors brought the Black Box Theater to life with their energetic and courageous performance of “Agatha Rex,” the Class 7 fall play.

Although Covid restrictions prevented a full in-person audience, Class 7 families and other community members were able to enjoy the November 4 show through a livestreaming platform*.

A modern interpretation of Sophocles’ “Antigone” by the playwright Lindsay Price, “Agatha Rex” tells the inspiring and relatable story of Agatha, a high school student who stands up for her convictions, regardless of their consequences, including possible expulsion, the loss of a critical scholarship and emotional fall-out.

During a rehearsal a few days before opening night, it was evident how much effort went into this powerful, 75-minute play. For weeks, the multi-talented ensemble devoted long hours nearly every afternoon and some Saturdays to perfecting their roles. With Drama teacher Lindsay Quinn’s guidance, they gave their all to memorizing their lines, fine-tuning their movements on stage, remembering their cues, projecting their voices, and supporting one another – all while keeping their confidence high and their nerves in check.

“If you’re nervous, it means you care,” Ms. Quinn reminded them as they sat in a circle on the floor of the Black Box Theater to review the schedule before embarking on a run-through of Act 1. Although a number of students had logistical questions, everyone seemed excited to finally see the results of their hard work and commitment – and, of course, to have fun!

“Agatha Rex” was directed by Ms. Quinn, who is also Head of Middle School Arts and Integration, with invaluable contributions from faculty members Paige Seber (Fine and Performing Arts Department), Jilian Ohikuare (English Department), and many others.

*If you missed the show or would like to watch it again, the livestream can be viewed here:

Congratulations to the cast and crew for an outstanding production!

Cast Members:
Meher Akbar
Lilly Bostwick
Sienna Chong
Peyton Cordoba
Kapio Felli
Avery Hines-Mudry
Avery Hunter
Mira Kanodia
Ava Karinattu
Beatrice Kim
Alex Koetke
Isabella Miraflores
Ayra Nicotra
Beatrice Oneglia
Rhea Sawabini
Olivia Spence
Sage Thebault
Scarlett Wesoky

Tech Crew:
Fauziah Uddin (Class 10)
Emily Limb (Class 10)
Jayden Hall (Class 9)
Lucy Bland (Class 9)
Taylor Dessler (Class 8)

Lindsay Quinn, Director
Paige Seber, Set and Lighting Design; Sound Design and Operator
Jilian Ohikuare, Costume Design
Mia Scarpa, Creative Consultant
Merelis Productions, Livestreaming and Videography