Chapin Students Share their Wisdom

Chapin Students Share their Wisdom

On Wednesday, May 15, students from Kindergarten to Class 12 gathered for the final all-school Assembly of the 2023-2024 year. The program began with Kindergarteners dedicating their performance of “I’m Growing Up” to the seniors.

The girls sang: “I’m growing up, way way up / I’m growing up with hopes and dreams / to make my way in the world. I’m growing up, way, way up, / I’m finding out what I can do, / To make a change in the world.”

Following their delightful performance, representatives from each division’s “graduating” class (Class 3, Class 7 and Class 12) shared reflections about the year and advice for those following in their footsteps.

The Class 3 students, now only days away from finishing Lower School, shared their earned wisdom with the community: “Work hard and be kind.” Seventh graders shared favorite MS highlights including Field Day, the Class 6 Cape Cod trip and treasured moments from Advisory.

Lastly, four seniors gathered to share some special remarks. “Don’t forget to form close bonds with your peers, because no matter how much time you think you have left [at Chapin], it always runs out,” said Natalie D. “As my 13 years here come to an end, I’ve watched my grade become closer than ever in the few days we have left.”

Abigail C. commented, “I will always remember BLAC – the affinity group for Black students. Throughout my time in Upper School, I have been a part of this group and served as the Co-Leader this year. I have loved every second.” She noted that this group has allowed her to meet many students from different US grades and some in Middle and Lower School.

“My advice to future Upper Schoolers is to participate! Attend after-school programming and join team activities,” added Eléonore M. “We’re given the option to participate in myriad programming to express ourselves, explore our interests, and support each other. From joining clubs, sports or affinities; doing the musical, tech crew, or student government; to attending lectures and guest speakers. You can even advocate to bring programming to the School – you can really get so much out of the many things that are available to you.”

Addison S. offered, “My advice to future Upper School students is to celebrate camaraderie, lead with compassion, and ask for help when needed because no one walks through life alone.  Chapin is truly a haven for knowledge seekers and a gift to have experienced.”