A Wonderful World Languages Day

On a gorgeous Wednesday in May, all Class 6 students explored our multicultural city with their World Languages teachers and what amazing adventures they had! Here are highlights:

  • The students in Spanish ventured to Central Park, where they wrote down directions and made portraits, before heading to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to view the 17th and 18th Century Spanish and Mexican art from the permanent collection. Students took extensive notes en español on Diego Velázquez's portrait of Juan de Pareja and other masterworks. This activity was an extension of a previous unit, which involved a “cyber-trip” to Madrid, Spain, with their teacher, Yolanda Martín. In that study, students learned how to travel around the city, shop and order food at a restaurant.
  • Students taking Chinese traveled to Chinatown with their teacher, Lin Wang, to visit an interesting exhibit on traditional medicine at the Museum of Chinese in America. Walking around Chinatown and its markets gave the students the opportunity to learn first hand about the culture of Mainland China, especially its culinary offerings. In class, students practiced how to order food in Chinese, in anticipation of their visit to the famed Jing Fong restaurant, where they enjoyed delicious dim sum. 
  • Students in French first spent the morning at Chapin, enjoying French movies and French-themed activities. They had a special lunch en français with Upper School French teacher Caroline Dolan. In the afternoon, these students also journeyed to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where they experienced the Impressionist wing and toured the “Visitors to Versailles (1682-1789)” exhibit.

Indisputably, Class 6 students expanded their knowledge of Spanish, Chinese and French culture – and learned even more about this incredibly diverse city – through this wonderful World Languages Day.

Browse photos from the day below: