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A Multitude of Middle School Clubs

There is buzzing energy throughout the sixth and seventh floors on any C-Day afternoon, when Middle School students gather together to participate in shared interests. 

Middle School students have the opportunity to partake in one of 17 clubs offered at Chapin. Whether they wish to learn a new language, utilize their creativity, or sharpen their math skills, there is a club to join! A few of the wide-ranging clubs include “Calling All Crafters,” where you can learn to crochet, knit and sew; “Model UN” a student-led club designed to help students learn the mission and function of the United Nations; “Photography Club” where one will learn and apply photo techniques to capture stunning images; and “Cultural Awareness Program,” where students study other cultures around the world.

Enthusiasm radiates among students as clubs kick off promptly at 2:15 p.m., and they escape into an unstructured space to explore particular passions. The experience also provides the opportunity to foster relationships across grades. With an atmosphere of entertainment and learning, these clubs are a treasured pastime for students. 

Below is a full list of 2019 Fall MS Clubs with the brief overviews provided to students. (Note: a new selection of clubs will debut in January, when the second semester begins.) 

Back to Kindergarten
Brainstorm and participate in activities we used to do in Kindergarten including coloring, duck duck goose and Legos.

Calling All Crafters
Learn to knit, crochet or sew. 

Color Me Zen 
Unwind and enter a world of Zen or blissful relaxation. Explore techniques and create beautiful art while listening to calming music.

Creative Writing
Do you want to write your own story or publish your own book? Draft, edit and revise your own story with the support of your peers and teachers. Complete the end of the semester with a final copy of your own published book!

Cultural Awareness Program (CAP)
Do you like learning about other countries and cultures? Explore aspects of cultures around the world including cuisines, customs, beliefs, holidays, entertainment and more! Explore the rich diversity of cultures that makes us a global community.

All About Games
Do you have a favorite game you like to play like Boggle, Checkers, Chess or Apples to Apples? Playing games can strengthen problem-solving skills, enhance your ability to strategize and make you an all around better person. Come play!

Get Your Game On
Join us to play some of your favorite games such as Treasure Island, Capture the Flag, Battleball and Project Adventure. Come learn some exciting new games too!

Winter Concert Dance Ensemble
Do you have a love for dance? Enjoy the rehearsal process? Looking to perform? Strengthen your dance techniques and performance skills with this ensemble. We will perform a Ribbon Dance at the Winter Concert in December!

Winter Concert Handbell Ensemble
Discover the origin of handbells, learn the rudiments and techniques of handbell rining and explore a variety of handbell music from various genres. We will perform in the December Winter Concert!

Korean Language & Cultural Club 
Would you like to learn the different aspects of the Korean culture? Come join us if you are interested in learning about K-Pop music, film, food traditions, literature and language.

Math Club
Explore any mathematics you like! We love math and logic games as well as puzzling patterns. We can solve problems and create some beautiful mathematical art. You can enter the math Olympiad contest as well as other local and countrywide contests!

The 5th Annual Chapin Mock Newbery Club
Skype with authors, learn how to get your hands on ARCs (Advanced Reading Copies of books that haven’t hit bookstores), and celebrate your love of books! Enter a design competition for Chapin’s Mock Newbery medal. The winner’s design will appear for the whole school to enjoy in Chapin’s summer reading list.

Model UN
Learn about the mission and function of the United Nations. Through games, role playing and engaging activities, this club aims to raise awareness of international issues and the ways problems are addressed. This MS Model UN Team will participate in the Horace Mann Model UN Conference Jr. in February 2020.

Photography Club
Learn to take good pictures and apply our photo techniques to other subjects/clubs or other parts of the building with our neat equipment! You will keep a portfolio of your favorite photos and critique, present and display them.

Puzzle Club
If you like puzzles – come join the problem-solving fun! Challenge yourself to build 3D puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, Sudoku and more!

Scene Work & Drama Games
Explore paired scenes and talk about what it means to rehearse and perform a successful scene. Dive deeper into scene work and share with each other for helpful feedback. Play drama games and get to know each other as an acting ensemble!

Sit, Shuffle and Deal
Are card games your passion? Do you enjoy Spit, Spoons, Poker, Gin Rummy, or Solitaire? Learn new games, play old ones, and have an all-around terrific time in this fun club!