A Kindergarten Library Celebration

To commemorate their nearly completed first year at Chapin, the Kindergarten classes recently gathered in the School’s Annenberg Center for Learning and Research for a special event. As part of an annual spring tradition, each Kindergarten student was having a new picture book donated in her name that would become part of the Lower School Library’s collection!

Before the celebration, the homeroom teachers hand-selected a book for each student that they felt best represented her. The Kindergartners gathered together in the library after school on this exciting day, with their parents and loved ones seated behind them, to be presented with these new titles and officially welcome them into the Library.  

One by one, the students’ names were called, they were handed their wrapped books and then eagerly unwrapped them. Once each student had revealed her book, the girls moved around the Library with their special guests to inscribe their names on the blank book plates placed inside the front covers.

“Don’t worry about writing your name perfectly,” Lower School Librarian Christina Kover explained. “When you get older, you’ll love coming back to the library, finding your book and looking at how you used to write when you were in Kindergarten!”

After proudly writing their names and grabbing an afternoon snack of cookies and juice, some students snuggled into their parents laps in comfy armchairs, others found sunny spots by the windows, and even others nestled in quiet spots between the shelves, all spending time carefully flipping through their books’ pages. 

At the end of the celebration, students were encouraged to check out their books from the library for weekend reading, or to choose other titles to bring home from the Library’s extensive collection.

These beautiful new books, emblazoned with the names of the rising Class 1 students, will be read and enjoyed in Chapin’s library for years to come… and, for these students, a reminder of their first year as Chapin students and their Kindergarten selves.

Titles included:

Sleepover at the Museum by Karen LeFrak

Take Your Octopus to School Day by Audrey Vernick

The Wall in the Middle of the Book by Jon Agee

Thank You, Omu by Oge Mora

Little Bear's Big House by Benjamin Chaud

A Piglet Named Mercy by Kate DiCamillo

I Really Want to See You, Grandma by Taro Gomi

Carmela Full of Wishes by Matt de la Peña

Browse photos from the celebration below: