A Focus on Fitness & Wellness

As part of Chapin’s recent construction project, a state-of-the-art fitness studio, athletic training center and regulation-size gym (with a suspended running track) were added as the brand-new 10th and 11th floors of 100 East End Avenue.

The fitness studio, overseen by Manager of Fitness and Wellness Marisa Maccario and Athletic Trainer and Fitness Specialist Anne Bae, encompasses advanced machinery including stationary bikes, treadmills, Mars Machine, a rowing machine and a Precor Queenax functional trainer (with TRX bands); and on top of it all, offers a stunning view of the East River.

Inside the athletic training center (ATC) next door, which is managed by Head Athletic Trainer Ali Levy, one can find hot and cold hydrotherapy tubs, stim machines and other high-level rehabilitation equipment, enabling our Athletic trainers to provide expert care for our athletes and students. “We have almost everything a college fitness room has,” Ms. Maccario noted.

The energy is palpable inside the space and our Athletics/P.E. team members are thrilled to have their own dedicated area for sports, fitness, and wellness. Ms. Bae explained, “We used to have to provide our athletes with home treatments for rehab but now we can do it right here together.”

A Class 12 student, who has been using the rooms for rehabilitation workouts, offered her insight on the facilities during a recent session. “When I was younger [at Chapin], we had a tiny little gym. As I became more serious in my sport, I was excited for the new space that was being constructed. I’m sad that I’m a senior but I’m thrilled I get to use it this year.”

In between her weighted reps, she continued, “It’s nice to have inside the building. Even if I only have a short period of time, I’m still able to get a workout in.”

Ms. Maccario shared that over 90 Professional Community members have taken the Fitness Room orientation tour and many of those have already started using it. PC members are offered a dedicated time before and after school each week to use the space so as not to interfere with students and classes.

“We highly encourage everyone to use the Fitness Center,” Ms. Bae said. “Whether you’re a veteran athlete or a beginner looking to get into fitness, there is something for everyone and we’re hoping to see everyone here!”

“Students might think this is a ‘scary’ floor,” the senior added, smiling. “But everyone can come up here and it’s fun to learn about fitness.”

In its inaugural year, the fitness studio mostly serves Upper School students. In Classes 8 and 9, students take a structured, curriculum-based class that begins with cardio followed by a form of strength training. In Classes 10-12, students have more freedom with their workouts and can choose from myriad pre-set workouts created by Ms. Maccario. (Workouts range from 10 minutes to an hour). The bikes, treadmills and other machinery also offer pre-set workouts that students can select on the screen.

In Middle School, students can take advantage of the studio periodically with their sports team or teachers, who have been using it to tie into their wellness units. They also learn – along with Upper Schoolers – the proper ways to train and safely use the room and its equipment. (A teacher is always present when students from any division are in the studio for safety purposes).

“I’m glad that we have a space that our athletes can use in and out of season,” Ms. Maccario said. “I’m looking forward to fostering a healthier fitness and wellness mindset amongst our school community.” She also noted how grateful she is that students and PC members alike can get a taste of working out at their comfort level and have options other than cardio.

The fitness team looks forward to utilizing the vibrant spaces throughout the year and enhancing programming for all divisions – and PC members! – in the years to come.