A Cheerful Morning in Lower School

Last Friday morning, a beautiful piano melody permeated the Athletic Center as students in Classes K-3 made their way across the space. Class 3 students and their teachers took their seats along the row of bleachers while Classes K-2 sat crisscross on the gym floor.

Head of Lower School Thérèse Cruite approached the microphone and expressed her joy for being all together for a Lower School Assembly again. Following her brief opening remarks, she introduced Head of Security and Transportation Parnell Peterson, who spoke with the students about Chapin’s important safety procedures such as fire drills and Carl Schurz Park safety.

Ms. Cruite then returned for a read aloud of the book You Are A Beautiful Beginning written by Nina Laden and illustrated by Kelsey Garrity-Riley. “There are lots of beginnings right now,” she told the students. “Beginning of the school year, your time at Chapin and new friends.” The book and illustrations were illuminated on the screens in the AC as Ms. Cruite read, ensuring that students could read along with her.

The mic was then passed to Lower School Art teacher Lauren McCarty, who showed everyone the ‘Community Weaving Womb.’ “Class 3 has woven the first row,” she shared, pointing to the colorful strings. “It will travel to each and every homeroom for you all to add your own rows!” (Once completed, the Community Weaving Womb will be displayed in a prominent location in the Lower School halls).

“The theme of today’s Assembly is being together. We love having you and we’re so glad you’re here!” Ms. Cruite concluded, smiling.

The students wiggled in their seats, knowing it was time to end with a sing along. An upbeat tune began to fill the room and students burst into song: “I’m so glad we’re together, I’m so glad I’m here. Love brought me here, here today. I’m so glad I’m here today!” In addition to their melodious voices, students also signed the words in ASL – something they had been practicing in music class.

As the Assembly came to a close, students skipped across the gym, seemingly energized and inspired.