College Guidance

In keeping with Chapin's student-centered philosophy, the college guidance program puts the student at the center of the process as she considers her options for higher education.

Our process encourages each student to take pride in their own strengths and ambitions. The college guidance program begins intensively in Class 11, but the counselors meet regularly with all Upper School students and parents, starting in Class 9, to discuss class-appropriate issues, including academic and testing preparation.

Our office is committed to supporting students and parents alike with each important step on this exciting journey of exploration and discovery. From the introspective beginnings of the search, to collaborating as we identify appropriate college choices, to encouraging students as they put their best foot forward in their applications, and finally, to listening and counseling as they make their decisions on where to attend, we take pride in our attentiveness to the needs and care of each individual. Our ultimate goal is to foster our students' academic, intellectual and personal growth and to empower them to take ownership of the college process and their futures.

Please browse the information on the web pages linked below for more details about the program. We invite you to contact us with any additional questions you may have.

Meet the Team

Karey L. Boals

Director of College Guidance

Daniela Arreola Segrove

Associate Director of College Guidance