Who Teaches at Chapin?

At Chapin, we believe that the greatest resource we can offer to students and their families is a knowledgeable, enthusiastic faculty and staff. The School is filled with teachers who strive to educate their students thoroughly and with energy, administrators who have an unparalleled command of the needs of each student, counselors who have the well-being of the students in mind at all times and staff members who are experts in fields such as plant maintenance, security, technology, development and finance.

Every faculty and staff member is committed to academic excellence within a caring environment. Essential to this excellence is a system of collaboration developed by our faculty. Many teachers take on the various small-group classes within one course; then, the School provides time for them to meet weekly and create a similar syllabus. Teachers pool their ideas and together refine content and approaches in every course, every year.

What does Chapin look for in a teacher?

When Chapin looks to hire a new teacher, we seek professionals who place students at the center of their practice. Our teachers are driven by their desire to build relationships with the students they teach. Those relationships develop when Chapin teachers inspire in their students the same passion for intellectual inquiry they possess, and when teachers and students work closely, in partnership, to understand a particularly complex problem. Ask a Chapin student what makes her teachers great, and she'll tell you they care about her and will give their time and talent to ensure that each student reaches and surpasses her learning goals.

Chapin teachers are collaborative by nature.Teachers choose to work at Chapin because they thrive in a collegial work environment where professionals work together to develop creative lesson plans and hone teaching practices to meet the needs of each student. Chapin teachers are passionate about their subject matter and about the practice of teaching. Each summer, our teachers revise their curricula, develop new courses, and take advantage of professional development funds to deepen their understanding of how young people learn.

Chapin teachers love to work with students beyond the walls of the classroom. They serve as advisors to students in Middle and Upper School. They advise clubs and coach teams. They cheer for student-athletes on courts and fields, admire their performances on stage, and accompany students on trips abroad.

In short, Chapin teachers are committed to every aspect of a student's life and to supporting the development of her intellect, extracurricular interests, and moral compass.