Yojin Chung

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Head of the Middle School Mathematics Department
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212-744-2335 ext.2410
Department Head, Faculty, Mathematics, MS

Yojin was born in South Korea and immigrated to the US when she was seven years old. She received a BA in History and French from Cornell University, an MA in Mathematics Education from the City College of NY, and a certificate in International School Leadership from the Principals Training Center. She joined Chapin 2020 after 11 years working at various international schools in Finland, Vietnam, South Korea, and the Philippines, where she was head of the MS Mathematics Department that was comprised of 11 teachers. She is also a certified math specialist through the AERO project sponsored by the US State Department. Yojin is passionate about anything related to teaching and learning, whether it be curriculum development, concept-based learning, sharing best practices, improving teacher supervision, managing team dynamics, or planning purposeful and efficient meetings. Her mother’s culinary prowess nurtured Yojin’s taste buds early to love and appreciate the very best in food. Attempting to put in practice her belief in risk-taking, Yojin, who is acrophobic, aquaphobic, and has two left feet, has learned to wall climb, dive, and tango. Now she is a true devotee of the mantra that you can do anything that you set your mind on.