Chapin Community

"Our students love to learn because they love those with whom they are learning."

- Dr. Patricia T. Hayot, Head of School from 2003-2020

Chapin’s community is a diverse group of students, teachers, parents, alumnae and administrators, all of whom care deeply about the School. But community at Chapin is more than a collection of people; it’s a way of thinking and being.

Chapin builds community in many ways. Through advisory groups and programs, students learn to respect others’ ideas and points of view, and develop close relationships with peers and teachers. Chapin faculty regularly collaborate on course planning and often arrive at new ideas as a group. Parents visit Chapin to see their child in school performances, meet with teachers and attend Parents' Association events. Each year, hundreds of alums return to the school for Chapin’s Alumnae Reunion, where they share their stories with current students and faculty.

All of these activities help each individual remember that she is part of something greater than herself. Students from Kindergarten to Class 12 attend classes under one roof, and although the school’s three divisions have their own designated spaces, students interact with friends from other grade levels on a daily basis. Student artwork, inventions and projects, displayed throughout the building, create an environment in which each student is valued and respected.